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OPINION: Will Iranian Missiles attack Israel?



Writer: Bushra Naaz


We often get statements from the Islamic Republic of Iran threatening Israel and this has concerned the IDF that Tehran will one day respond to these strikes strongly. Because Israel, being afraid of an anti-Israeli Iranian Empire, has attacked Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq.

This hiatus appears to have been a bid to cool tensions following a one-day battle between Israel and the Iran-backed Hezbollah militias on September 1 and an effort by the IDF to ensure that the sensitive period of the Jewish High Holidays — from September 30 to October 21 — passed without conflict. Indeed there have been no reported airstrikes against pro-Iranian militias in Syria or Iraq since September 28.

Israel is currently afraid of the Islamic Republic and their political development in the Middle East. Iran has made a strong alliance with two powerful players in the Middle East, Turkey and Russia, which is a big threat to the Zionist state.

The current situation is tense and poised to deteriorate into a conflict .With the end of the Jewish festivals, the Israeli military may soon return to its campaign against Iranian entrenchment in the Middle East and with it the threat of Iranian attack.

Such a retaliatory strike by Iran does not appear to be imminent, but does appear to be firmly on the horizon, according to an Israeli Military Intelligence assessment, based on the ongoing operations of Iranian forces and Iranian proxies in Syria , Iraq and Lebanon and a general understanding of the modus operandi of Iran and its powerful Quds Force, the branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or IRGC led by Qassem Soleimani, a prominent Iranian figure, that operates abroad.

Iran is not only a powerful country but also able to attack Israel if needed. It has successfully attacked an American drone, international oil tankers and a major Saudi petroleum facility — and faced no serious consequences for these actions. Iran has also an strong cyber army that is operating to hunt down its western enemies.

Meanwhile the United States has begun actively withdrawing from Syria and from the Middle East in general, a move that would also bolster Iran’s belief that it can act with impunity in the region as its primary enemy is effectively abandoning the main arena of the fight. The current situation of the Middle East is not only favouring Iran but also deepening its root in the Middle East.

This Iranian self-esteem and their appearance in the ME pose a threat to the Zionist state of Israel and it does not bode well for the Israel Defense Forces, which routinely carries out airstrikes against Iranian and Iranian-allied forces throughout the Levant.

The IDF chief of Kohavi has recently held a meeting around a camp fire with senior Air Force officers. These concerns prompted an unusual warning from IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi that war may be in the offing!

“In the northern and southern areas the situation is tense and precarious and poised to deteriorate into a conflict despite the fact that our enemies are not interested in war. In light of this, the IDF has been in an accelerated process of preparation,”
He told reporters in a briefing.

The military does not believe that Iran or one of the proxies under the control of Quds Force commander Soleimani will necessarily retaliate to any and every Israeli airstrike, but will likely respond to them eventually as its tolerance for sustaining losses of men and munitions runs out.

This is forcing the IDF Zionists to weigh even more seriously the potential cost of an airstrike against an Iranian target compared to the benefit to Israeli national security gained from destroying it.

In the beginning of last year, Israel also faced an emboldened and enraged Iran in Syria. In February 2018, the Islamic Republic has launched an armed drone toward northern Israel and this proves that Iran can attack Israel at any moment.

In the months that followed, the Iranian regime warned to revenge, and the IDF launched a campaign known as Operation Chess to counter the Islamic Republic’s efforts to retaliate with preemptive airstrikes against Iranian assets in Syria.This culminated on May 10, 2018, when Iran came through on its threats with a rocket attack against Israeli military posts along the Golan Heights. The military retaliated with another round of extensive airstrikes against Iranian targets in Syria.

The Zionists believe that its campaign of strikes on Iranian targets in Syria foiled the Islamic Republic’s plans to establish a major base of operations in the country, but nevertheless left Tehran determined to use Syria as part of its war against Israel.

However the ongoing development in Syria may put Israel under Iranian pressure. On the other hand, Israel’s grip on the Middle East is loosening because the Empire of the Arabian Shaikh’s are collapsing and a new anti Israeli power led by Turkey and Iran is growing up in the region. It clears the reality that the Iranian attacks on Israel are inevitable but not imminent.

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