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•Writer: Muhammad Yasir Arafat Mallick


Since the first day of my journey, I have always tried to pursue the fact finding group. I have always been akin to the righteous people and do not care an iota what the outcome may be. You will be shocked to know that this anti Wahabi lad, being wheedled by the Wahhabists, had once issued a Fatwa against the ‘Democratic’ President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and blamed him for ‘apostasy’. For democratic people , as the Wahhabists say, are Kaafir.

Unfortunately, now I am an ‘apostate’ and a ‘Murtad’ to the same people I had worked with because I support the ‘Democratic’ President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and hate the dictators of Arabia and the so called Jihadists. However today I will say the reasons of my stance on the Middle Eastern Dictators but I will deal with this Jihadist matter another day.

•My Stance on the Arabian Dictators:

It is incumbent upon us to know the conspirators of Arabia and to take actions against them.
For me , I consider the Arabian Dictators as cancer of the Middle East and the region will remain unstable until they are toppled. I am a student of History and I have never seen such an abhorrent chapter like this Wahhabi Era in my life. They left no any crime needed to keep their thrown safe. It won’t be exaggerated to say that they have used Islam and their Muslim World for their own causes. Those ‘Rumal’ Kings even have killed thousands of innocent people and destroyed several countries. Let me recount some of their crimes and let them make a clean breast of all their misdeeds.

1. Destruction of Arabia and the Rotten Chauvinism:

Palestine! It is not only a name but also a wound in the Middle East. The land was invaded by a number of refugees after WW2. Palestine is the root of all problems in the Middle East and in the Muslim World. Thousands of innocent people have been killed and imprisoned there . What was the role of these Arabian Dictators to save the land from the invaders? This is time to ask them this question. These Arabian dictators shed crocodile tear when it comes to help the Palestine. All they can do is to give a mere statement after informing the Zionist invaders. But they are always ready to sacrifice everything when it comes to protect a terrorist group like PKK/SDF. In fact , they have sold the land of Palestine to the enemies. You will get sufficient evidences if you read the book of John Philby or Lt. Eddy. Recently those shameless dictators are openly supporting Israel. These people frequently mention the Arab – Non Arab matter to deviate and cheat the Arabian Muslims. Their dreadful anti-Islamic chauvinism dilapidating the Arabs. For Islam forbids Asabia and believes in Unity. I would like to ask the chauvinist Arabs :
Why do you think that you are superior? What did this rotten nationalism give you except destruction? Why don’t you think that we are one and we are brothers . We have equal rights in Islam!!
Do you not see how those dictators are destroying you by spreading such chauvinistic dogmas? Why do those dictators kill you, O my Arabian brothers and sisters! If they really love you? Is Palestine not an Arabian land? Is Iraq not an Arabian land? Why do those chauvinist dictators support Israel? Even UAE affords them weapons and soldiers! Who had sheltered the family of Assad during the Syrian War? Who bomb Yemen and who had killed thousands of Iraqis during Iraq War? Yes! They are the same dictators who have been betraying you! Had Saudi ever sent any well equipped army to fight for Palestine? or any well trained commander? How many Saudi commanders fought for Palestine? Ask those Khuddamul Haramain what have they done for the welfare of the Arabs except destructive activities?

2. Arabian Terrorism in Afghanistan:

We have no need to buckle to know how these dictators are trying to terrorize our poor Afghani Brothers and sisters. Since 2001 America is killing innocents there. Instead of standing with the poor Afghanis, these dictators are helping the invaders. Some Arabian countries including UAE are playing a key role in the region to cherish the ongoing war and anarchy.

3. Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood:

Now let us look at Egypt, the land of revolution and insurrection. We have witnessed a blessed Revolution and an abhorrent insurrection in this decade . We have seen how these dictators had instigated the fools of Egypt to cause a military coup against the greatest President of Egypt Dr. Muhammad Mursi. Then what happened there? A puppet came to power illegally and sold Egypt to the enemies of Egypt. It happens in Arabia ! Because the Arabian people are in the trap of these Arabian Dictators and their clandestine groups. These people don’t judge anything before supporting it and support the Arabian Dictators and their puppets blindly. This is the reason that fools these innocent Arabians.

For instance, they consider the Muslim Brotherhood as an anti Islamic Organization because the Arabian Dictators and their dishonest religious leaders told them so. But these people doesn’t even try to know all the ins and outs of their secret conspiracy. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic Group. But those dictators labelled it as a TERRORIST Organization thus they have labelled Islam a TERRORISTIC RELIGION. Look! They call Qatar, Malaysia and Turkey ‘Ikhwan’ because they are working for Islam and the Muslims!

Our Arabian braves should know that these dictators are the slaves of the west . They are selling your land and wealth to them and conspiring against our religion, our Prophet and our brothers and sisters!

4. Why those slave dictators are against Turkey and the Türkish Islamic Renaissance?

Recently these junky dictators are competing against Turkey and their Islamic Movement as if Islamphobia has affrighted them. They are leaving no effort or decoy to raze the Ottoman Movement again. In 2016, they had tried to topple Erdogan. In 2018, they have killed their own journalist and blamed on Turkey . Why? Because they are not afraid of Turk! In fact they are afraid of Islam and an Islamic Revolution. These chauvinist slaves has been conspiring against Islam, Turkey and the Ottoman Empire since 19th century by changing our golden Ottoman Islamic History and perverting it and spreading schism and terrorism in our lands.

Dear Arabs ! Let me ask you a question. Who are your real friend? Are these dictators who have killed thousands of you in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and enslaved you? Or that Turkey who has sheltered thousands of you and wants you to be free ? Are those dictators friends who divide you and your brothers or those Turks who want to unite you ?

Now it is time to think again! We must unite and stand against these tyrant dictators and their oppression and injustice.


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