Anti-Israeli Professor Kais Saied to become the President of Tunisia

Tunis: Exit polls show, the anti Israeli Candidate Kais Saied to become the President of Tunisia. The poll said the law professor, 61, had secured 76% of votes.
No official results have yet been published.

He was up against Nabil Karoui, 56, who campaigned from prison after being arrested on charges of money laundering and tax fraud.

After the exit polls were released, Mr Saied appeared in front of jubilant supporters in Tunis and thanked “young people for turning a new page” in Tunisia’s history.

“We will try to build a new Tunisia. Young people led this campaign, and I am responsible for them,” he said, flanked by his family.

Mr Karoui, who was freed by a court order just four days ago, came second in the first round of voting, with 15.6% of the vote to Mr Saied’s 18.4%.

With Kais Saied apparently leading by a large majority, his supporters took to the streets in celebration. Official results will be revealed on Monday.

Kais Saeid and his rival Nabil Karoui held a debate on Friday night that was watched by more than six million Tunisians.

Mr Saied provided little policy detail, merely speaking of empowering the people and being a man of the law, leaving his critics and undecided voters with the impression that he has no plan.

Surprisingly this result is indeed Historic and quite painful for the dictators of the Arab World. Kais is a self proclaimed ‘anti-Zionist’ who has made an anti Israeli comment just before this election. It will bring a huge change in the political arena.

Mr Karoui, meanwhile, said he would alleviate poverty and bring in high-tech jobs from Google, Netflix and Amazon – a promise that was the subject of much satire on social media. B.B.C informs. Today Tunisia is going to make a history.

Tunisian people had a dream to get a strong president like Erdogan and finally their dreams come true. It would not be worth mentioning that he will make a strong alliance with Sultan Erdogan.