The Saudi Royal Family , Israel and the Open Secret Brotherhood


Osmanlıca Zülfiqar: Today, when we are discussing about war-torn countries like Yemen or Syria or blaming the Islamic Republic of Iran for their involvement in the middle east, or trying to bar the peace process of Turkey in the Middle East, we are acting against ourselves secretly. This is time to understand the root cause of the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and we have to know the real enemies.

The root cause of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, as we say , is nothing but Zionism and  Wahhabism. You will be knocked over knowing that there is a deep relationship between these two terroristic  ideologies which are responsible for  destabilizing the Middle East and beyond . If we observe all these problems we will spot these two ideologies and their followers behind them.

Today we are going to figure out the deep relationship between the followers of Zionism (Israel) and the followers of Wahhabism (Aal Saud) which is deepening day by day. We will not indulge in their history or their past now. What we are going to do is to expose the open secret relations between Israel and that murderous dynasty of Saudi Arabia.

Just a few days ago, we had revealed lots of secrets such as

1- Saudi had used Israeli Technology to kill the famous Saudi Journalist and columnist Jamal Khashoggi

2- Saudi Arabia has a close tie with Israel

3- Saudi Arabia is helping the State of Israel to work out their Deal of the Century.

But when we claimed such things , the world especially the Bangla World broke out against us and blamed us for our ‘Shia Propaganda’. But we did not respond them instantly. Because there were lots of problems. So we had to cull several steps to heal the breach and convince the world this reality.

However today we are going to provide sufficient evidences to prove our claims and we don’t think that there will be any problem in future.

The Wahhabi Saudi regime has been a close friend of the the Zionist Israel since many years. They have co-operated secretly in political and religious fields. It would not be exaggerate to say that they have been working for the Western and Israeli Agenda since they were born.

However recently a news goes viral that the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the USA , Rima Bandar El Saud , has wished ‘Happy Jewish New Year’ to the Jewish community of the USA An official Israeli Arabic twitter account named ‘اسرائيل بالعربية’ ( @IsraelArabic ) has posted her wish and thanked her for the wish saying:

“‏إنه لمن دواعي سرورنا أن نرى معايدة سفيرة المملكة العربية ‎#السعودية🇸🇦سعادة السفيرة ريما بندر آل سعود ليهود امريكا بمناسبة حلول السنة العبرية الجديدة ونعدها مبادرة إيجابية وخطوة على طريق التسامح والاحترام المتبادل عسى أن تتعمق هذه القنوات بما يخدم الشعب اليهودي قاطبة والشعب السعودي

(‎ )

It was retweeted by an another official Israeli account named ‘ اسرئيل في الخليج ‘ ( @IsraelintheGulf ).

However no any Arabian famous newspaper has published this news . Though some MBS fans are cheering this approach. Not only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also the United Arab Emirates has sent their wishes, love and affection to Israel on this occasion. A minister of the UAE named Abdullah Bin Zayed had sent wishes to Israel just days before the Saudi Minister sent her wishes to Israel. This Arabian move has clearly confirms that they don’t want to keep their relationship with Israel secret anymore. The USA and these Arabian dictators are cooperating  to sell Al Quds to the Zionists of Israel to save their throwns. So they want to establish a public relationship with Israel and also want to recognise the invaders.

We have also seen that some of  the notable persons of Saudi & the UAE  including some prominent writers have sent their wishes to Israel and the Jews in support of their regimes. For example, Abdulla Al Junaid  ,a Bahraini Journalist, has wished happy new year to the Jew and Israel . He wrote in his tweet:

” ‏To all my followers of Jewish faith, ‎#HappyNewYear
יהי רצון שאלוהים יברך וירחם על אבינו המשותף אברהם ויברך אותך בשנה של מתיקות, בריאות טובה וחמלה.
יהי רצון שתכתב בספר החיים.
מי ייתן ויהיה לנו זכות לראות את עידן השלום כפי שנאמר על ידי נביאי הקודש ששנינו מאמינים בהם.”


Another Saudi Journalist Ali Al Ayed has tweeted a video wishing ‘happy new year’ to Israel and the Jew. ( )

A Saudi Journalist named Abdullah Al Ghubyn  became more Israel lover and exposed the future plans of the KSA to establish a open relationship with Israel. (

A Saudi columnist, Amjad Taha, has encouraged the Arabians to learn Hebrew while another Saudi man has expressed solidarity with Israel tweeting:

‏وهذا دليل بأن نحن السعوديين محبون لسلام ونحن اهل لتعايش السلمي لجميع الأديان السماوية والمذاهب الاسلامية منذ القدم واهلا بكم قريباً في المدينة المنورة وجميع مدن المملكة فأنتم اليهود ابناء العم القداما الأوفياء والأقرب لنا واهلا بكم واهلا بشعبكم الكريم 🇮🇱🇸🇦


I have found accounts of Saudi activists who are working for Israel. The most famous Saudi activist I have found in twitter is Muhammad Saud who is working for Israel and a big foe of Palestine. Even has met the PM of Israel . (

All these evidences confirm that the so called Arabian Regimes are working for Israel to enslave the entire Arabia especially the Palestinians.

They are the same conspirators who were given a free had to eliminate the Ottoman Empire and enslave the Arabians. Thus they are trying to weaken our nation with the help of the enemies. Today if we don’t adopt a course against these conspirators and their terroristic conspiracy , we will suffer from an impending catastrophe. Today what we think is not more important than  what we do against this conspiracy and what we should do first is  to reject both of Zionism and Wahhabism . We should make a strong anti Zion-Wahhabi alliance with our Iranian brothers. It will be a strategic response to the conspirators.

Writer: Muhammad Yasir Arafat Mallick, Member of the Ottoman Family and OZ.