In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

A. Introduction:

Our Ummah has been witnessing a disaster and unprecedented catastrophe since the fall of the Great Ottoman Empire in 1924. Several problems are gnawing this nation since that time and the most heartrending problem is the ‘War on Islam’ declared by the West and their puppets. They have a pre-planned conspiracy to eliminate this nation by all means and they are putting their every plan into execution deliberately to reach their goal. 

Unfortunately, our Ummah is totally careless about their fate and the impending catastrophe and there is a lot of reasons behind it. Especially the Illuminates, their pre-planned conspiracy (the new world order) and the double standard Islamic preachers are responsible for this. However, after almost a century our Ummah is waking up and thinking about an Islamic Renaissance. It is great to hear that three of our Islamic Nations have decided to lead an Islamic Renaissance.

B. What is an Islamic Renaissance?


Renaissance means a great revolution. A revolution which will change thoughts, opinions, characters and everything of a certain nation or people and prepare them to lead the world towards peace and prosperity. Similarly, the Islamic Renaissance means a great revolution in the Muslim World which will change the Muslim Ummah, renovate their void thoughts and beliefs and will prepare them to lead this world in every field. Let it be very clear that all these renovation and change must be Islamic and according to the principles of Shariah and the stubborn fact remains that if we leave Quran and Sunnah all our cry will go in vain



C. Our primary steps:


It is time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Islamic Revolution and the Islamic World Order which will prevail in the world. First of all, we should go over the present situation of our Ummah and define our future steps and put them into execution. We have to sacrifice everything needed for this great revolution. Our primary steps should be as follows:

Unity:  The first thing we should focus on is Unity. This is the most important thing to do. Allah SWT. said in the Holy Quran:


واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعا و لا تفرقوا …الآية

And the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him said:


يد الله على الجماعة

Our Ummah is divided into several factions contradicting and fighting each other. Our enemies are using this weakness to destroy us. During the end of the Ottoman Empire, the west and their servants ( Wahhabis and others) had invented a rotten and void thought of nationalism to divide our one Nation. It should be mentioned that this nationalism is strictly forbidden in Islam. Our Rasulullah Peace Be Upon Him said:


عن جبير بن مطعم أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم قال : ليس منا من دعا الى عصبية و ليس منا من قتل على عصبية و ليس منا من مات على عصبية – (رواه ابو داود)

We should rule out this void thought of nationalism and unite under one flag otherwise we will fall. The west and their puppets have used this division as a weapon to eliminate our nation. During the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the western puppets of Arabia had promulgated the rotten dogma of Arabian Nationalism. We must co-operate with the Arabians to uproot this rotten anti-Islamic thought and bring back the Caliphate system.


Reformation of the Muslim Society: One of the aims of the new Islamic World Order should be the reformation of our Muslim society according to the principle of Shariah. The western culture has affected our Muslim society. We must eliminate the western culture and their influences from our society. We should take our steps advisedly to put this great step into execution. The Islamic Social Order should be implemented in our society. 



Abolition of the void doctrines of Islam: During the end of the Ottoman Caliphate, westerns and their puppets had brought forth a void Islam which supports nationalism and extremism and opposes the religion of Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him such as the void Madhab of Abdul Wahhab Al Nazdi. They have tried to edit Islamic Books, thoughts and Shariah. They change Islam and their Islam always supports the enemies of Islam. We must abolish all these Madhabs, their doctrines, their schools and their books and their western supported preachers should be arrested. Our Islamic World Order should be based on Islamic Shariah. The true Preachers (Ulama-E- Haq) should be welcomed with open arms. 

  • A Developing Nation: We won’t reach our goal if we don’t have high minded thoughts forever and a day. Our children are addicted to social media and entertaining elements. They are far away from books. We should build a studious, scientific, hard-working and creative society who will have the power to lead the world in the near future. We should infuse the value of time in their minds and prevent them from all kinds of entertaining elements. We will inspire always inspire them to reach our goal.
  • Indigenous Productions: As a strong nation, we should not depend on others. We should manufacture indigenous productions. We should make hay while the sun shines.
  • Teach Everyone Islamic Shariah: We should teach our children the Islamic Shariah from their childhood so that they can follow the true way and keep themselves safe from all kinds of terrorism and extremism. 



D. Conclusion: Here I have briefed some of the important primary steps in support of the new Islamic World Order. We are committed to follow and inspire others to abide by these steps. Make the Islamic Nation Great Again. We ask Help and Blessings from the Almighty.


Courtesy: Muhammad Yasir Arafat Mallick